Somehow, I feel the difference among sync, cloud storage, backup is always confusing. Here is some notes, which I think I can use to differentiate them.

  • sync(machine A <-> machine B)
    • keep environment consistent.
  • backup(machine A -> machine B/cloud storage)
    • backup must have versions of files, or it is meaningless. In addition, backup tools should provide encryption, compression, which are not necessary in sync.
  • cloud storage
    • providers or machines
    • self-hosted cloud storage is purely a machine. This is to say any machine in the above difinitions could be a cloud storage machine.

Cloud Storge Choice#

rsync.netBorgBaseWasabiBackBlaze B2Arq Cloud Backup (Mac Only)

List of Backup Software#

  • borg review,dedup,incremental,encrypted,python,authenticated
  • restic review,golang,encrypted,authenticated,dedup,incremental,ssh,s3
  • duplicati compression,dedup,encrypted,incremental,s3,ssh,gpg
  • Carbon Copy Cloner 5

Cloud Storage#